Ever had a window close on a post because your feelings change? That's happening right now. I was feeling silly and lighthearted the last day or so and I had planned on getting the rest of the post below up yesterday, but I didn't have time. However, this afternoon my feelings have slowly been changing from silly to wistful. For me wistful isn't melancholy although that shows up in the definition. I'm just wishing that things were different in my personal life, but not to the point that it is bringing me down (at least not yet... uh oh..may have spoken too soon). Better get on with the silliness before the window disappears completely!

On Friday I have a date with some funny, neurotic, foul-mouthed puppets! Those would be the puppets that populate Avenue Q. I remember hearing about Avenue Q when it was first on Broadway. At the time the show went from Broadway to Las Vegas with no plans at the time for a tour. Thankfully that was then and now the show is on the road and rolling into Houston.

I know that I am a little old fashioned in that I don't really curse and I keep my sexual innuendo to myself (or at least until you really know me...) but there is something so jarring about the idea of Sesame Street like puppets cursing and bemoaning their real world adult problems all in musical form. It strikes me as especially funny.

First off, when I heard these lyrics I started laughing...

Your problems aren't so bad!
I'm kinda pretty
And pretty damn smart.
I like romantic things
Like music and art.
And as you know
I have a gigantic heart
So why don't I have
A boyfriend?
It sucks to be me!

Hey, that's me! And then of course there is this whole song. And the fact that "Gary Coleman" is the apartment superintendent.

And of course the funniest thing that has happened so far. I was listening to the soundtrack for the first time yesterday and talking to my co-worker about it during lunch. After school I got back in the car and the next song up had puppet sex! So I sent a text message to my co-worker that said "Aarrgghh. Puppet Sex. My ears!" Except, OOPS! I didn't send it to her, I sent it to TWITTER! Twitter has just become an automatic motion when I'm sending text messages now that I wasn't paying attention. And the funnier part! No one from Twitter commented on it. So either no one is reading my Twitters OR they think it is perfectly normal for me to comment on puppet sex. I have no idea.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJCU4xf5IJE]


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