I had one of those light bulb moments this evening. I was just minding my own business and it suddenly occurred to me that I'm never going to have a best friend. At least the girl kind. I never really had one when I was growing up and things aren't much different in adulthood. People call me their friend, but I'm just not in anyone's inner circle. That group of two or three people that are always your first phone call, who know everything that is going on in your life, that you talk to on a regular basis. Your kindred spirit. This is a sad little revelation because I know that if I had that someone special in my life that he would be my best friend. That is how it was in the past, the kind of relationship that I am looking for (which is stopping me from just giving up and and giving in to my physical urges) and probably why I long for a relationship. I know I'm not supposed to be looking, but that is hard when most of your friendships are superficial. These other friendships of mine would be fine just the way they are and the being ignored, blown off, getting my feelings hurt. etc. wouldn't bother me as much as it does now. Or at least I think so. I really miss having that one special person in my life (more than I miss having a best friend).

In other news I discovered what the maintenance required light on my car means, but not before I had a little freak out this morning. I will admit that I noticed the maintenance required light had been blinking a little longer than other lights for the last week, but I couldn't imagine why it was doing that considering I just had my 15,000 mile checkup. It always went out after a few extra blinks, so like quite the ostrich, I decided to ignore it. Well this morning the light stayed on the whole time. I got to work and called the dealership in a panic. And what was it? A reminder that I needed to get the car serviced. It comes on every 5,000 miles and it has to be reset after each servicing. They must have forgotten to reset it the last time I was in. Whew. At least it wasn't anything bad.

Want some more revelations? I'm totally loving Journeyman. That is a really great show. Add that to Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty and Boston Legal and you have the core of my TV watching.

And finally it takes me a long time to write blog posts. Much longer than it probably appears from the finished product. I never thought I would spend long hours of my time every week WRITING. If you ask me today I'll still say that I don't like to write.

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