World of Warcraft

Onesome: World-- Wide Web resources? Is there one particular area of your life, personal or professional, where you use the web as an informational resource? Knitting? Medical? Research

News, weather, entertainment, friendships. EVERYTHING. I can usually find almost anything I'm looking for on the web and since it is here with me in the living room while the TV is on I'm always looking up completely random things. I couldn't live without the web.

Twosome: of-- the 168 hours in a given week, how much time do you spend on the computer? No, we're not looking to plan an intervention, just curious...

Er... that's good because I would probably NEED an intervention. I don't think I want to tell you. Let's just say I'm on the computer starting when I get home from work until I go to sleep. And lots on the weekends. Again, it is conveniently a laptop on a little stand right here in front of the TV. I basically just sit and chill and I really don't have a reason not to be on it (see previous post).

Threesome: Warcraft-- games? Poker games? Role playing games? Do you play games on your computer? Really? What kind of games?

Every once in a while I'll play games, most notably Luxor and Tumbleblogs from GameHouse and Big Money from PopCap. And let me take this moment to talk about how completely crappy the Mac support is at PopCap. I'd love to have a full versions of TyperShark and Atomica, but no. I think in all the years I have known about PopCap they have added ONE new Mac game. The PC list is three times as long. Normally this stuff doesn't bother me, but they have some really fun unique games (those two in particular) and there is no reason for them not to do it because GameHouse shows it can be done. Annoying.

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PS: Dan, thanks for all the extra traffic I'm now going to get with World of Warcraft in my title.

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