Avenue Q

I will never understand people that go to a show and don't know what it is about. Maybe because it is my nature to research everything under the sun, it seems crazy to spend money on something when you don't know anything about it. Maybe it is just those those people that have lots of money, say for example....season ticket holders, that have the luxury to show up at a performance with no background info.

I've talked about this before because this almost always happens when I go to see Rent. The couple next to me at Avenue Q walked out at intermission. They were older, in their late 60s to mid 70s, and they sat in silence while the puppets sang about their crappy lives, cursed and had sex (yes more realistic than I imagined...puppet sex! eek!) on stage. I knew what was going to happen when I heard them before the show trying to figure out what the show was about from the playbill. Then the curtain went up and the characters made their first appearance and the woman said "oh right.. they have characters just like Sesame Street." Er... yeah, JUST like Sesame Street. I was worried about her talking through the show because she talked full voice instead of whispering, but she was shocked into silence after about 10 minutes. I will never understand. I've seen Rent four times now and three of the four times people sitting near me walked out and left before the show was over. Hopefully with the Rent movie, this won't happen to when I go to see it next month.

As for me I had a great time. The show was funny. I especially enjoyed the gentle jabs at musical theater stereotypes especially in staging and lighting, and the "bad idea bears" were beyond hysterical. There is nothing like seeing a live performance.

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