Sit over there until mommy is done with her meeting

Remember when I said I was going to help with the Photobloggers Network? If not, go ahead, take a glance. Things are finally starting to kick into full gear and it definitely falls into the sheer terror category. Discussions are finally getting underway and so far it has been very productive. But as we get ready to narrow topics, I look around at the other people and wonder how the hell I ended up with this group.

We are filling out profiles with what we can bring to the table. So far the people that have replied have mentioned complicated web things like MySQL and Ajax and way more terms and skills than I can even begin to imagine acquiring. What can I bring? Ummm.... I can do incredibly tedious jobs that no one else wants to do? I'm good at enforcing rules and checking things off a list? Is that a skill? I know that once we get things set up and I have a clear plan of action I will feel better about my role. I'm just not good at asserting my opinion especially when I look around the virtual room and see people with WAY more knowledge than I have, running city groups with WAY more members than I have. I kind of feel like the little kid that snuck into the grown-ups meeting.

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