I've been negligent, I know. It is funny that I managed to blog when I was very busy the first part of the school year, yet now that I have more free time I can't seem to find anything to say. I come home from work and sit and before I know it it is 10 pm. I have no idea what I do in the intervening time other than I watch TV and surf the internet. Time flies and nothing productive happens.

JKirlin has finally brought my Flickr angst to an end. He happened to hit on the exact right thing to say to me that snapped me out of my endless debate. Hurrah! Flickr has been a source of stress the last few months and I'm glad to get it back in its place.

I am hopefully going to see Leonard Nimoy on Saturday. If you didn't know, Nimoy is a photographer and he will be at MFAH giving a lecture on one of his photography projects. The thing is I'm not comfortable with the subject and for all intents and purposes I am the subject. It is called the Full Body Project and it is a study of females of size. Nudes. I think I am going to have to confront a lot of things about myself and my thoughts on my body image on Saturday. I'm actually dreading it a little, I think I will probably be a little uncomfortable the whole time, but I also think it is important for me to go.

In other less introspective news, I found The Sword and Laser, an online Sci-Fi/Fantasy book club. I've tried other online reading clubs, but I never found a place where I felt comfortable. I am hoping this will be the right fit. The next book they are reading is Ender's Game which I just finished reading so that will be an easy discussion for me. I'm looking forward to finding some new reads through the group.

And finally I think that my favorite show of the new season is Journeyman and I'm sad to read that it has low ratings. Figures since it is a show that I actually like.

Houston. It's Worth It. Book

I feel cruddy