Weekend of Extremes

This weekend was an exercise in two extremes. The very busy and the very lazy. Saturday I met up with Mark to go to the Leonard Nimoy lecture and we ended staying out the whole day. Nimoy didn't talk as much about body image as I thought he would so that aspect wasn't what I thought it would be, however the lecture was very good. He is a good speaker. (In contrast to Cal Ripken Jr. who I heard on Friday at a middle school conference. He needs someone to polish his speech and timing.) While at MFAH I saw the Houston Its Worth It Book in the bookstore. WHOO... I was so excited. You can see my photos here.

After the lecture I got my book signed and then we headed to Domy books so I could check that place out. I'm not even sure how to describe it other than quirky and cool. You can check the website out.

After leaving Domy we wandered a long way up Westheimer taking pictures and just talking. Don't raise your eyebrows at me like that because it isn't that kind of relationship. It is nice to have a friend that is easy to talk to who is not into the partying, drinking scene of which I have zero interest but seems to be the way most people interact with each other. By the time we made it back to the car it was dark (of course that happens at 5 now..) and we decided to splurge and head to Nelore. All I can say about that is Mmmm... MEAT.

Now that is was dark I wanted to see if we could get some shots of this artwork at UH. Of course I didn't know where we were going because the only time I had seen it I was on foot which is much different than being in a car. But we managed to get there (even through all the Dynamo traffic) and got some shots that I will put up later this week. I *love* this piece of art and I can't wait to go back with a tripod. We finished off our evening of non-tripod shots that probably should have a tripod by stopping by the Wortham fountain. Another place I will be revisiting with a tripod. It was a very busy Saturday and very enjoyable.

On to Sunday. Let's see... I um... got up. I watched TV, surfed the internet, got some food, slept some more, surfed some more, watched some TV some more and ate some more. That pretty much sums up Sunday. It is too bad that it didn't include some things like clean, vacuum, wash, etc., but oh well, too late now.

I am starting to get that restlessness that comes with going so long without a day off. After this long stretch we tend to have a day off at least once every month although with this new schedule I think there is a long stretch between mid-March to the end of the school year with no breaks. I'm ready for Thanksgiving vacation even the shortened version that we will have this year. 7 more work days.

Goodbye iTrip

Houston. It's Worth It. Book