Goodbye iTrip

This may sound strange, but even though I am a music teacher, I don't listen to a lot of music outside of work. I'm not sure why that is, but when I come home I turn the TV on and that is my background noise. Before my iPod, the radio in my car was usually set to KTRH. (That was back when KTRH used to actually be a news radio station as opposed to the conservative talk radio station that it is today. I shed a tear for my old KTRH.) Once I got the iPod I started listening to a lot more music since I was able to carry all my albums with me. Then I found podcasts which put me back to people talking, but they were actually talking about subjects I was interested in. Now I bounce back and forth between podcasts and music.

Most of my iPod listening happens in the car except of course for the occasional walk around the complex (which unfortunately happens infrequently). In the four years that I have owned my iPod I have always used an FM transmitter to get the sound through my car speakers. The last two cars I've owned did not have a tape deck so the adapter was not an option and they did not have auxiliary jacks. It never occurred to me to upgrade the car. Too much money when the FM transmitter worked passably. I'm not the type to trick out my car.

Well say goodbye to my FM Transmitter. In preparation for my iPhone (scheduled arrival first quarter of '08), I decided to ditch the transmitter and get my car wired up. This has been a little stressful because I am NOT comfortable with anything that has to do with cars. I got pricing from three places in my area. A big box store which had the lowest price, a chain store which had a crazy high price and a locally owned business which fell in the middle. I decided to go with the locally owned business. The price difference wasn't that much and I could tell while I was there that it was the local hang out for all those guys that pimp out their cars. You know the ones I mean. I figured if this was their hang out then it must be doing something right. Those guys don't mess around.

Well I ended up spending a little more money than I planned (went from looking for an auxiliary jack component to one with an iPod cable), and the instillation was more of a hassle than I wanted (could not get AM radio to come in and it took almost two and half hours and two different systems), but in the end I now have a new stereo in my car that can do all kinds of fancy things (the front plate comes off!) and most importantly it controls my iPod. NO MORE STATIC! No more weird sounds or fighting with the iTrip to turn on. I can't believe I waited so long to do this. I used to think that I would put my 3rd generation iPod out to pasture when I got the iPhone, but now I'm starting to think differently. It is only half full right now with my whole library on it and it still works fine. I could keep it in the car as my main music player and just put certain playlists on the iPhone. That makes me happy because I love my iPod and I would hate to stick it in a drawer just because a newer shinier model came along. I'm actually looking forward to driving around just so I can test out my new system.

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