Classic Christmas Elves

Onesome: Classic-- get togethers? Is that on the list for next week, say about Thursday? ...or do you 'lone wolf' the Thanksgiving season?

Classic get togethers. I will be heading up to my family's farm in East Texas Wednesday for our traditional Thanksgiving spread, which includes turkey AND pork roast, cornbread AND rice dressing. Why yes, there is a Cajun strain in my family! Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday because there are no heavy expectations tied to it. It is just about food, friends and family. It doesn't have to have perfect moments and it doesn't have emotional baggage like Christmas.

Twosome: Christmas-- Ready or not, here it comes! Complete with shopping and decorations and wants and needs and yeah... Are you ready for the experience? ...or does a nice South Seas cruise sound like a workable alternative?

I am not in the holiday spirit yet. I'm not sure if I am just going to be grinch-y this year or if the warmer weather is keeping me from feeling the mood. I'm not one that usually likes the cold, but I am actually hoping for some cooler weather to get me in the spirit. Haven't even started shopping, but I don't have very many people to buy for so that's good. I haven't started decorating but I have a rule that decorations don't go up until after Thanksgiving. Since I just changed the decorations on my tree last year I know I will be putting it up (one year I didn't put one up at all which does NOT happen in my family. See... lots of Christmas expectations). I'm looking forward to attending the various events around town with my camera so I think that the holiday spirit will infect me eventually.

Threesome: Elves-- and other helpers? Do you have any lined up to assist on Thanksgiving Day? ...or to decorate in the weeks to come. ...or do you even need them?

Well I'm not doing the cooking so I don't have to worry about that. You wouldn't want me to be an elf because I'm terrible in the kitchen and you would have to explain how to do every step. The only decorations I put up is my Christmas tree and it is a little guy so I do that on my own.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment at the Back Porch so we can find you!

Fingers Crossed

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