Happy Thanksgiving

Dropping in to wish everyone a fun, tasty and relaxing Thanksgiving Day. I need to be out the door by 9 am (which IS in an hour, but then again I AM sitting in front of the computer.... my ultimate time sink). I've been on a junk food streak lately and I am looking forward to having some home made meals. Turkey is one of my favorite things to eat (white meat please) but of course only when it comes off the whole bird. It just doesn't taste as good in any other form. Then there is the pork roast, the sweet potatoes, mmm..... I'll do a Thanksgiving food recap when I get back. This is a photo from last year's table.

Twitter is going to help a little with my internet withdrawals. I'll still be able to check up on what every one is doing and give updates while I am in the woods. My grandmother does not have a computer. My relatives that live near by DO have a computer, but it is very slow dial up and not worth the hassle when I'll just be back tomorrow. So be good while I'm gone. In the meantime tell me what you are doing for Thanksgiving (and what's your favorite Thanksgiving dish).

What to do...