What to do...

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I sure ate a lot of good food (and am STILL eating the leftovers). You can take a peek into my Thanksgiving here.

Now what to do with my long weekend. The weather is cold and overcast soon to be rainy. I had hoped to go to the Renaissance Festival, but I'm such a cold wimp. I could have lasted a few hours, but that is a long way to go just to be outside a few hours. I was going to be a lump on the sofa today, but thankfully Randy talked me into shooting downtown with him. I don't have many times left to go shooting with him since he is preparing to move to London in the next few months. If I'm shooting outside at all this weekend it is going to have to be today. Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

So what to do with the rest of my weekend? At some point I need to edit photos. Other than that I'm not sure. I may visit a museum, maybe see a movie. I kind of want to see Enchanted (yes I'm a sap). And of course Sunday is booked with some Texans watching since I missed them last weekend. Any other suggestions? What are you guys doing with the cold and dreary weather? I feel a strange urge to be out and about doing something.

Post Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving