Post Thanksgiving

Quick little recap of the post Thanksgiving Day activities before I head to bed. I'm going to miss going to sleep and waking up whenever I want. It has been great the last few days to wake up with the thunderstorms and rain and just go right back to sleep instead of having to get up and get out in it. Thanksgiving break has been nice, but it was shorter than it has been in the past as is Christmas break and Easter break. *grumble*

Let's see. Friday I was sitting around debating about whether to put up the tree when Randy suggested on IM that we go shooting downtown. Since Randy is moving to London in the next month or two, I couldn't say no. London! I want to move to London. I told him that I'll go visit, meet a Londoner and then I can move there. As soon as I save the money. So let's say three or four years from now. After that I came home and finally watched the first disc of Firefly. I liked it but not as much as Battlestar Galactica, at least not yet. I think that the more episodes I watch the more it will grow on me.

Saturday, I contemplated putting the tree up. I ended up doing nothing. Well not nothing. I edited my Air Terminal photos, bought some new Lightroom presets, played with a new website, wrote posts for Houston Photobloggers, cleaned out my mailbox, caught up on forums, blogs and all things online as well as on the DVR. It was cold and rainy and the perfect day to stay inside.

Sunday, I considered putting the tree up while watching the Texans game but I ended up just hanging out online (surprise!). After the game I met a friend and ran some errands around town. We went to the Project Row Houses which was an interesting place. I'll definitely revisit it with my camera. After that we went to Smith & Hawken (love that store and I'm not even a gardener). I seriously considered buying a tree topper, but in the end left without making the purchase. After that dinner. Then I came home AND (drum roll please)...... put up the tree! Whoo hoo. After seeing the tree up, I need to go back and get the topper.

I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Sigh. Hope everyone has a nice Monday.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

What to do...