I had a wonderful day yesterday at Dickens on the Strand and I had grand plans to edit my photos and show you some of the out takes. That crashed down on me pretty hard this morning when I woke up with a scratchy throat and felt achy. I've caught up on news feeds, taken care of some admin stuff and edited the photos going up next week on the photoblog, but I just couldn't do the Strand photos as well. Right now I'm trying to decide what to do about tomorrow. Common sense says to call in sick and recover and that is the advice that I give everyone else, but it is so much harder to take that advice myself. What if I wake up tomorrow and feel great? I will feel very guilty for taking the day off. On the other hand what a pain in the butt to wake up, make all the phone calls, make sure my co-worker has everything she needs and then go back to sleep. It is more work for a teacher to be absent than go to work which is why teachers are notorious for dragging their sick tired bodies to work.

100.7 at last reading.

In the meantime here is an out take from this week's series at the photoblog.


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