Chocolate Pop Tarts

Onesome: Chocolate-- The joy of the Christmas season? Boxes of See's and Godiva and other "Food Pron" showing up at the office? How do you feel about chocolate at the holidays? Yeah, really!

Who doesn't like chocolate at the holidays! Or any other time. Actually I really love the baked goods that show up at this time. Cookies, cakes, pies. I like things like candy, fudge, etc. but I can't eat very much of it and once I have some its enough for a while. Although I wouldn't turn down a box of See's. That stuff is heaven.

Twosome: Pop--ping into your mind as the next thing that you only find this time of year? What are you looking forward to/forgot to go by to check on/oh, heck, it's time for? Pick one and go for it!

Egg nog! But I'm having problems finding a good one this year. I've been through two different brands so far and I didn't like either one of them. Can anybody recommend one? I really only planned on getting one carton of egg nog this year, but it has to be a GOOD carton. I may have to hit up a fancier store than my local Kroger. It seems like we used to have more selection.

Threesome: Tarts-- ...and is it also "candle time" around the place (work or home)? ...and do you use those 'tarts' to make the place smell nice? (Google it if you aren't familiar with them .)

No, no tarts here. In all senses of the word! But cool, now I know what they are. I haven't broken out any candles yet this year, but when the mood hits it will be Cinnamon Orange from L'Occitane. I'm looking at it from where I sit, I just don't think about it when I get home.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment at the Back Porch so we can find you!


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