I have plans for some changes to the blog and I wanted to be able to put those posts in categories so they would be easy to find. Thus I have finally, after years of blogging, implemented categories on my personal blog. One reason I've avoided categories is because I'm so fussy about organizing things. Some posts overlap and can fit in more than one category or don't fit perfectly into any of them. That freaks out a er... "meticulous" .... person such as myself. I've spent the last week going through 580+ (wow!) posts and organizing them. I've only posted things in one category based on what the majority of the post was about.

It was an interesting exercise. Over the course of the week categories evolved, appeared and disappeared as I sorted. I saw that I write a lot about geeky things, the internet, and of course personal issues which are split up into multiple categories. I don't have much to say about for example, movies, I guess since I'm not a big movie person. I wrote a lot more about work than I thought I did which was a surprise to me.

My writing has also changed since Twitter. I had a feeling it would. Things that I used to post about are now Twittered. Those posts pre-Twitter were short, a sentence or two, but they were little glimpses into my life. I actually think this blog was a little more interesting pre-Twitter which has given me something to think about especially since I'm making a lot of changes in my online presence.

It was funny to read posts where I was over the moon about things I don't care about any more and to watch me worry about things that were no big deal. I ran across things that were genuinely funny and I was surprised that I could write like that. Posts where I set out definite plans to change certain areas of my life that fell by the wayside months later. It makes me wonder how well my current determination to change is going to go.

And a quick health update. I started losing my voice on Friday. It made singing at the mall difficult to organize. I have hardly talked this weekend, but it isn't much better. The only thing that really improves it is complete rest, but there is not a single day I can take off until Friday because my concert is Thursday. On the plus side my throat doesn't burn anymore so hopefully I'm on the upswing.

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