Morning Jumble

Weather people you are killing me! Maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention, but I could never seem to get a good answer as to what the weather was going to be like today and tomorrow to tell the kids since we are walking to the high school. I did warn them about possible cold, but I wake up this morning and it is a definite.

I went to the doctor yesterday because I just can't shake whatever descended on me last Sunday. The fever and aches are gone, but I couldn't shake the cough and it was one of those body wracking coughs. I went back to the allergist/asthma doctor. There is a new lady in that office and I'm not entirely sure about her. She never has my records in front of her when she talks to me which I find strange and it doesn't seem like she spends very long with me, yet she seems to be taking a firm direction in my treatment. Yesterday she sent me to get chest x-rays! As people may know medical stuff freaks me out, but I held it together even though I had to go the connected hospital and answer questions like, do you have a living will? Gah! I started the medication last night and it was the first night in many, many nights that I slept through the night without waking up coughing. That was fast!

So tomorrow is my concert. Life will be SO much more rosy on the other side of that event.

And some link randomness to round out this post

- I have these in my freezer as we speak (but I also don't have x-ray vision).

- Can you believe it? Steve Jobs in a suit!

- And can you stand the cuteness? I can't get over how cute this little bear is.

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