'Tis the Season

Onesome: 'Tis-- Hmmm... More or less an older contraction? Do you have any semi-archaic words you use regularly? (Yes, Laurie, "allegro" would qualify...)

No, no, no, not allegro. WAYLAID. And I still argue that this is not semi-archaic. I used it in conversation with someone a few years ago and they had no idea what I was saying. After that I started asking everyone I knew and about 2/3rds of them didn't know. They say it is archaic. I disagree.

Twosome: the-- heck you say? Okay, how about a 'regional' saying you're known to be fond of? You know, the one the relatives just don't get when you say it on the phone... Sure, slang will work !

I can never answer these questions because I tend not to pay attention to my speech patterns. I think someone else would have to answer.

Threesome: Season--ings for the season? Mulled cider? Peppermint bark? Apple pie? What do you look forward to in the Winter months?

Egg nog. Didn't I answer this last week? :-) Also peppermint hot chocolate which makes its appearance this time of year.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment at the Back Porch so we can find you!

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