Lights in the Heights Outtakes

Before we begin dear readers, I need another word for outtakes to use at my photoblog. I've been searching for the perfect description for photos that don't make the final cut for the theme of the week, but have been stumped. Surely one of you clever people can come up with a good synonym. is letting me down.

Here are a few of the outtakes from Lights in the Heights which goes up next week.

1.) I just love the houses in the Heights. Even though it is small I would be perfectly content in a place like this.

2.) Or this. Even though I can tell it is newer construction it is pretty to look at.

3.) This is interesting color combinations for one tree. Red and blue. Purple and yellow.

4.) I have a variation of this going on the photoblog. I like how it looks like the ball of lights is floating in the air.

More showing up next week at In the meantime let me hear your suggestions for my outtakes.

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