That's not chocolate

Today was finally my last concert of the holiday season. Let's recap December. Sick on the 2nd, absent on the 3rd, rehearsal the 5th, rehearsal the 6th, performance the 7th, band performance on the 11th, my big concert on the 13th, performance today. December is always a busy time for musicians and performing groups.

Today was a fun day as we went caroling at a local bank and then had lunch out at a pizza buffet. This is the second year we have performed at the bank and the bank manager and staff are so nice and enthusiastic about us singing there. They gave the students goodie bags that had things like pens, pencils, candy, notepads ... all kinds of little things with the bank's name on them. His staff also started handing out silver coins. At first I thought it was chocolate wrapped to look like money. We've all seen those right? But guess what? That wasn't chocolate. They gave the kids silver dollars! I can't begin to tell you how cool that was for them and for me. I've never had a silver dollar like that before. It is beautiful, shiny and much heavier than it looks. I guess if you think about it, what else would a bank give out but money!

12-19-07. I've been waiting for you.

I am ...