Angels we have heard...

Onesome: Angels-- as tree topppers? ...or spires? Stars? Bears? What do you like to use to set off that tree?

On my old tree I used to have a red spire. When I switched decorations last year I made a temporary topper out of artificial flowers. It's pretty lame. I saw a silver star topper at Smith & Hawken and plan to go back and get it in the next day or two when I'm out Christmas shopping.

Twosome: we have-- heard you're getting something special this year! Do you have any idea what any of your Christmas presents are going to be?

I have a small family so I don't get many gifts. I asked for gift certificates to clothing stores so I imagine that will be my gift. If you remember all my clothes at the beginning of the school year decided to bite the dust. I'm not big on clothes shopping, but it *should* be easier when it isn't my own money.

Threesome: ...heard-- the worst Christmas song ever this year? Which one is it for you? I mean that one that even if Aunt Martha is playing it on Christmas Eve puts you out on the porch!

I can't stand any modern Christmas songs that have that sappy feel to them. It's hard to describe, but they are usually slow pieces where they talk about being away for Christmas, or love, or blah. They are too sickly sweet. I guess I am an old fashioned girl and I like the old fashioned, traditional songs and carols. None of the new stuff.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment on the Back Porch so we can find you!

Writer's Strike via xkcd

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