Vacation begins with a snooze

I had grand plans for the days between getting off of work and my mother's arrival on Sunday. It consisted of cleaning the apartment Wednesday and shopping on Thursday. That would leave Friday for attending a photo meet-up and getting the rest of my holiday shots for next week's theme at the photoblog.

Well my plans didn't work out that way. I'm very undecided about the new medication that my doctor gave me on Tuesday. I swear I was 10 times worse on Wednesday than I was Tuesday. My body was wracked with coughs all day and in the evening I started getting that run down/feverish feeling again. This was going backwards from where I was. I only cleaned about half the apartment before I threw in the towel and went to bed. Today it seems that the coughing has lessened although it is still there and I really feel that the medication is starting to dry me out. I think it might actually work in another day or two. Side effect though is I am sleepy. Or I'm sleepy because I'm not well. I can't tell the difference. I've decided to take a nap and not go out the rest of the day. I'll finish cleaning the apartment this evening and do some more laundry.

That will leave tomorrow for dropping off a present, the photo meet-up, christmas shopping and finishing holiday pictures. I finally figured out what I'm going to get my aunt so it has actually consolidated my trips into 3. If only the Galleria had a Williams Sonoma my trips could be down to 2! I think a nap today will really help me get some energy back and make the best of the time remaining. Even though it feels right around the corner, Sunday is a few days away. I have time.

Right now I'm going to bed. My first official act for being on vacation.

Angels we have heard...

12-19-07. I've been waiting for you.