Christmas Madness

It's been a busy day. First thing I should tell you is that I decided not to take the new medicine anymore. I just didn't feel good on it. I'm going to try to take some Zyrtec this evening and see if that helps. I only have a handful left and no refills, but usually it works really well for me. I'm hoping it will work it's magic again. I was really doing ok until this evening but now I can't stop coughing and I can feel the constant post nasal drip.

I woke up at 6:30 (AM!) and couldn't go back to sleep. I definitely did not sleep well on those pills. I'm sure it didn't help that I took a nap yesterday combined with the fact that I just can't sleep in like I used to (I'm getting old!). That led to me dragging around this morning trying to get ready for a meet-up at noon. I finally managed to get out of the house and make it to the gathering at Lambert Hall. This was a nice meet-up for several reasons, most notably because I didn't have to plan it! I was just one of the regular people. I also finally got to meet fellow online Houstonian Solburn and the wonderful couple ShutterSam & DigiNee. Lambert Hall is a church from 1927 that has been converted into an opera house in the Heights area of Houston. Hopefully I got some good shots.

After that it was time to brave the crowds and get my shopping done. First stop the Galleria. Luckily I am a very patient person because the streets around the Galleria were a madhouse. I usually avoid the area around Christmas and I certainly don't go over with only 4 shopping days left, but I did this time. The mall itself wasn't the bad part, it was the surface streets around the mall. I had to go blocks and blocks out of my way to bring my car back around and get in the correct lane. I ended up in a parking garage that I didn't even know existed, but once I was in the mall things were fine. Luckily the first thing I saw was L'Occitane which was on my list to stop at in another area of Houston. After that I went to Crabtree & Evelyn and then a little side trip for some mascara for myself at Sephora. After that I had a late lunch (punctuated with lots of coughing) and made my way back out of the mall. Oh, the whole reason I went there in the first place was to get pictures of the tree on the ice rink. Mission accomplished!

After that I headed to Highland Village, but first I detoured to Smith & Hawken to pick up the tree topper that I saw a few weeks ago. Of course you know what comes next don't you? They didn't have it anymore. Instead they had a 50% off sale on all their Christmas stuff which is of course why I couldn't find the topper. I could kick myself for not buying it earlier. While I was there I ran into a friend and his mom. I am going to stop being surprised about running into people that I know in a city of 4 million. Life is just that random I guess.

Highland Village wasn't quite so bad although you also need your patience to navigate the craziness of their parking lots. I parked across the street and walked. Two things. First, if someone wanted to accessorize my whole house in Crate & Barrel, that would be fine with me. Second, although I am a horrible cook and not that interested in learning I love Williams-Sonoma. Kind of like how I love Smith & Hawken even though I am nowhere near a gardener and couldn't even keep five plants on my patio alive more than a few months.

Finally my day ended at Spec's. By the time I parked my car I was hit with a wave of exhaustion. I think my body knew that the end of the day's activities was near and was starting to close up shop. My shopping at Spec's is quite comical since I don't drink at all and have no idea what I'm looking for or should be buying. There was a guy hanging out in the Tequila aisle (hope he was an employee) that gave me some advice, but I ended up going with what I always go with which was whatever brand had the nicest looking bottle that I could afford. All in all it was a productive day.

Tomorrow will be spent wrapping, some dusting and vacuuming, getting a haircut, going to the grocery store and sleeping and being as lazy as possible.

Holidays in Houston

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