Holidays in Houston

I'm very pleased with this week's theme at the photoblog, Holidays in Houston. I made a point of going to several places around the city where I knew there were big Christmas light displays and decorations. It's the first time that I purposely went to multiple locations to put together a theme. I hope to do more of that next year.

One thing I learned while doing this. Remember the Things I've Learned About Photography post? One of the items that I commented on was

5. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions while you are shooting

I think this is more true than ever. Pay attention to how you feel overall because it makes a difference. I wasn't feeling so great when I went to Lights in the Heights. I was physically tired and felt like I was shuffling through the event, plus I was dealing with some personal decisions and the ensuing repercussions. I was distracted and I think it shows in the photos. I wasn't really happy with the Lights in the Heights set this year. I wasn't fully engaged in the photography and it was flat. This time, however, I thoroughly enjoyed my time out capturing the city, especially one clear, crisp, cold night that was perfect for photography and being out in the city.

Check out the outtakes in this Flickr set and don't forget to check in each day this week at the photoblog for my favorites.

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