Christmas Photo Trio

1. The Big Red Sleigh

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a big red sleigh driven by Santa and his firemen

This fire truck from a nearby fire department came through my apartment complex on the 23rd. They blasted their siren to bring the people out and threw candy out to the kids (and the adults...). I thought it was a very nice community gesture as well as completely random.


2. The Tree

My aunt has exquisite taste. She lived in Houston for 40 years before she moved to our family's land in the piney woods of East Texas. All the nice, classy, tasteful places and things I know about are mostly from her guidance. She decided to redo the theme on her tree this year. This photo can't really convey how amazingly beautiful it is.

3. Reflected Me

This was taken on Christmas Day in the bedroom I sleep in when I go to my family's farm. This is a little preview of a project I am planning for 2008. Each week I hope to take a reflected self portrait and post it here on the blog. I hate pictures of myself, yet I don't mind taking photos in a reflection. I'm weird, I know. There is a whole website devoted to this type of photography.

Space Center Houston

Christmas Rewind