I admit it, I won't be sorry to see 2007 go. It has been a year of ups and downs.

On the up side, 2007 was the year that my photography has really taken off. I was lucky enough to have my photos in an exhibition and a book. I found a new direction for my photoblog with the weekly themes and found a new style towards the end of year with the addition of Lightroom. Photography has been my one constant joy.

I have made great strides in getting out of my shell which was a goal I set when I moved to this apartment in the summer of 2006. I was so scared of people that I wouldn't even meet in small groups then and that has changed a great deal.

Another bright spot is my return to the dentist. Each visit is a small triumph and I am so proud of myself for making that hurdle and I am so lucky to find such a kind, gentle and understanding practitioner.

On the up and down side, work. 2007 includes my hateful year from last year, my first sweepstakes trophy, and a sort of stabilization this year. It still brings me an inordinate amount of stress but compared to last school year things are improved. I never want to go through another year like last school year. I still have this feeling that I am meant to do something else, I just don't know what.

On the down side, dealing with my health issues, namely my hair thinning, which led to dealing with good and bad doctors. Finding out that stress is a major issue with me and trying to find alternatives to traditional medication (I'm not doing so well at the moment).

I'm still searching for people to share my life with, both on the friend side and romantically. I thought I had made strides on the friend side this year, but as the year ends I am finding that is not the case. I think it will have to be a much more of a search than I thought, but when I find those people they will be true, genuine, sincere and with me for a lifetime.

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I do feel that I have had to go through some of this so that I can learn to stand on my own two feet. I have to learn to believe and trust myself and my decisions. One thing I have learned about myself this year is that I am an optimist. I think that even though I am currently wobbling, I will soon be standing tall and that 2008 holds a lot of promise.

So cheers to the new year. I welcome you with open arms and a hopeful heart.


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