Favorites of 2007

Last year I titled the year in review post Best of 2006 and I felt strongly that I was presenting the best images I had taken in 2006. When I look at this batch I'm not sure what to think. I looked at each image from the past year and eliminated until I couldn't eliminate anymore this time ending up with 10. I'm not sure in the end however that these are my best shots. I *AM* sure that they represent my journey through 2007 in some way. Photos are in order that they appeared on Photine.net. Clicking on the photo will take you to its individual entry.

1.) Blue Night

I took this photo while standing in the parking lot talking to fellow photographer Christine. This was a handheld shot and I remember being surprised how blue the sky was in the shot when I was looking at a black night sky. I love this color blue and I will be doing a lot more night photography this year to capture more moments like this spontaneous moment.


This was one of my favorites shots early on and it has remained so the whole year. The funny thing is that I have walked by this door since this photo and it is nowhere near this blue. I think it must be a reflection of the sky. No matter, I love it.

3.) The Birds

Pushhh and The Birds were posted back to back on the photoblog. It really drives home to me that I like big bold colors, especially since they both made it here to the end of year list. This photo was taken with a Canon A540 which I purchased to replace my beloved Canon S45 which died this year. I now use a Fuji F20 for my compact camera. They are both fine cameras, but I dearly miss my S45.

4.) Sir

This is the surprise hit of the year (it even made it onto the Flickr Blog). I don't take many people pictures and this one was taken on the sly. This is Huey Long of the '60s singing groups the Ink Spots. In the end I would have to pick this photo as my best photo of the year.

5.) Sam Houston Azaleas

This year I ventured from digital to film with my purchase of a Holga. I absolutely love it and will be venturing even further into film next year. Toy cameras suit me very well because I have a hard time with the technical aspect of photography. While I will be working on that next year, it is nice to have a camera that you can just have fun with. That's my darling Holga.

6.) Following in the Footsteps

We've talked already about bright, bold colors right? Yeah.

7.) Pathways

I like this photo for several reasons. It is of one of my favorite places in Houston, Glenwood Cemetery. I think it gives the sense of peace that you get when you walk the tree lined pathways. It is also the first set of pictures where I really saw the advantage of RAW. I was able to adjust the white balance until the photo suddenly had a life of its own.

8.) Preston Station

My lovely Holga again, this time with black and white. Last year I commented that I was surprised a black and white photo made my end of year list. This year, I have several black and white shots in the final collection. This photo is of Houston's Main Street and with the soft focus of the Holga it looks like it could have been taken 50 years ago.

9.) Flying the Flag

This was a close runner-up as my best photo of 2007. It certainly holds the crown as my favorite photo of 2007. I love everything about this photo. I love airshows, love planes, love bold colors, love that near perfect flag flying in the sky and the new addition of Lightroom helped me pull all those elements together to share my vision.

10.) Spouts

This photo is growing on me the longer I am with it. This was an impromptu photo shoot without a tripod and I'm not sure that I would have gotten anything any better with all the planning in the world.

Honorable Mention: Nose Dive / Circular Text


No matter how many times I tried to eliminate these two photos they still hung around the finalists. I couldn't quite bring myself to knock them out of the running. They deserve a mention just for getting under my skin as I look back at 2007.

Last year there was a lot of uncertainty as I struggled with how I wanted to share photos in various online spaces. I feel like I have finally settled on a routine. I'm not sure what the future will bring, but I have a good feeling about 2008.

Favorites of 2007