Shoot Yourself x 4

Shoot Yourself x 4

I really wanted to participate in the Shoot Yourself project at the Epic Edits blog, but I just couldn't think of anything creative to do. I absolutely loved this idea, but of course it was already done and I didn't want to be a copy cat, not that I would have thought of anything that creative anyway. I'm not good at thinking outside the box. I'm much better at following the rules and checking things off a list.

This was hard because I was stumped as to a creative way to take a picture of myself and my camera. I ran through numerous reflection ideas and toyed with different ideas when this one finally popped into my head today. Of course that meant having to get myself presentable. This is very different than the way I looked to the pizza man earlier in the day (poor pizza man). When I look at myself in the mirror I feel like the eye shadow is really dark, but when I look at the photo it doesn't look over done. I guess I just don't like wearing a lot of make up on a day to day basis, but I may make more of an effort when I'm going out on the weekends.

I definitely don't like studio shots. Too much hassle dragging things out, setting things up, fussing with lighting. Halfway through shooting the Fuji the pictures started coming out dark. I don't know what I did to mess up the lighting and it was very frustrating. That is just not an area of interest for me. Mirror projects are different in my mind because there is no set up. They are shot "in the wild" so to speak and that makes them easy, at least for me.

And I will NEVER do a project like 365. This took me around 2 hours to shoot. I really hate pictures of myself so I have to take a lot of them to get some that I am reasonably happy with.

There is specific camera information on the Flickr page. Click the photo to read more.


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