One week into 2008

Not lots to say around these parts. Trying to get back into the swing of school. It's hard because we returned Thursday and today stayed off track with fundraiser presentations every period. I realize that I am much more productive in the morning than the afternoon. I will have to see if we can move our conference period to the morning next school year (doubt it).

The cough is never ending. It feels like it has slid backwards in the last few days. I feel like I'm never going to get better. I finally broke down today and bought some cough syrup. I'm so tempted to just chug the whole darn bottle. And in case you are wondering why I haven't used cough syrup before now, since I've been sick since December, it is because I've been using the medicine that was prescribed to me. It just isn't working anymore. I'll see the doctor again next Tuesday. I wish, I WISH that the cough would go away.

Finally went to the grocery store today. Hope that will help me set up a healthier routine. I've been eating out way too much during the week.

Been playing with Photophlow in the last few days. It is like chat and Flickr combined. Here is a good review of the site. Some days it is very interesting and other days not so much. I think it mirrors real life for me. I have had some interesting one on one conversations and those have been very positive experiences. When there are a bunch of people or people are just talking about silly stuff, it isn't quite as engaging for me. I think the site has a lot of possibilities especially for groups that will use it to facilitate real discussions.

I heard this great quote recently. "All my life my heart has sought a thing I cannot name." I think that thing is intimacy and not just the physical kind. I am not attracted to the superficial, the shallow, the surface. I like talking, engaging, going deeper. I am unhappy when I am surrounded by the superficial and I hope one day to find friends and a special someone with whom I can experience the level of intimacy that I crave.

*Ahem* However, I'm certainly not going to pretend that I don't have my superficial moments as well.

They delivered right to my door!