Turning a corner

You know when you have been sick for so long it takes a few days to realize that you might have turned the corner to feeling better. I'm cautiously optimistic that I am either approaching the corner, at the corner, or beginning to turn the corner. The corner is in sight. I'm staying cautious because there were times last month where I was feeling better and then slid backwards.

The nebulizer that I ordered late Wednesday night was on my patio on Friday afternoon. I was very surprised. So then I had to get the medicine. I was considering sending it off to mail order, but after checking what I thought were the prices online the price difference wasn't that big and I needed it right away ($24 in person/$14 mail order). Of course when I got the prescription back it was $65. Sigh. I have spent at least $400 since I got sick in December on doctor's visits and medications. I don't have to tell you that is $400 I didn't really have. I had just made a big payment on my credit card which I hope to have paid off by the end of the year, but I had to use it because I just don't have the money. Sigh. Hopefully this will all settle down and the nebulizer will help to prevent this happening in the future.

I have a very busy afternoon tomorrow and a meet up today. I don't think I'll be out too much longer after today's mid-day meet up so I can come home and rest for tomorrow. The one danger about standing on the corner is that you suddenly want to take off full speed when what you really need to do is keep walking slowly for a few more days.


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