The last few days

Dinner: Chicken Marsala with fettucine and steamed vegetables. If you read that sentence you might actually think that I could cook! Or that I liked to cook. This particular dish from Village Table does require the most cooking (the other ones you just basically bake things). I'm proud of myself, it was good!

Spoiler: So there I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to see the doctor. I didn't bring a book in with me so I randomly picked up the magazines in the examination room. There was a TV guide and it had a lead story about Sci Fi on television. Hey, that sounds good. I love Sci Fi television. I open it up to the story and BAM. There it was. The name of the four cyclons on Battlestar Galactica. Did you hear a howl of pain on Thursday? That was me. I have been very meticulous about avoiding spoilers (the sci fi podcast I listen to is really good about not spoiling things), but TV guide had a big picture of the four of them with a caption that said THE FOUR CYLONS. Dammit!

Doctor: I saw the good doctor (not the woman that I've been unsure of) and found out that he is there on Thursdays (Thursdays it is then). He said he was concerned because we were at the maximum of medication. I don't really feel like I'm taking maximum of medications. Surely people are taking more serious allergy meds than I am. I'm going to take another skin test in March and he said that we may start making changes in the medication. That I'm glad of. I don't really want to take all these things. I would be happy just taking a pill each day although he said he would be happy if I was just taking Advair.

Meet Up: I'm going to a photo meet up tomorrow and I won't know anybody! It is through so not my normal group of photographers. This is definite progress for me and my shy and reclusive nature. Cross your fingers that it goes well.

MP4: Robes

Harlem Globetrotters Basketball