Wil Wheaton

Just finished listening to the completely awesome Wil Wheaton and his performance at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon. If you are a geek of a certain age this is a must listen. I can't tell you how many memories his story "Blue Light Special" about Star Wars action figures has brought back. I *am* the child that not only had all the action figures, but I also had the C3PO and Darth Vader case holders as well as the Millennium Falcon and Ewok Village. What can I say, I'm an only child and my mother loves Star Wars. (That doesn't begin to cover all the other Star Wars things I owned).

The second part of the audio clip is a look at the episode Justice from Star Trek: The Next Generation. TNG is my favorite Star Trek series and I'm such a TNG nerd that I knew exactly which episode that was before he even started. As he read his review I could picture many of the scenes in my head. He is so funny and is such an excellent performer. I'd love to see him live one day.

And can I say I can't wait for Star Trek: The Tour to hit Houston. I'll probably go more than once.

If you are a geek then you should definitely read Wil's blog at wilwheaton.typepad.com. I have read his book Just a Geek (loved it!) and will be purchasing The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Dancing Barefoot at some point in the near future.

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