Speaking of...

I've been really terrible in terms of following the doctor's .... er.... request that I eat a low fat diet. Not exactly on doctor's orders, just something that he wanted me to do. I did really well for one month back in September and I definitely saw results, but I've just had a hard time sticking to it after one weekend that knocked me off. I keep trying. Maybe if I write it here I will do better. Some things are definitely better (I'm a lot more aware of the fat grams), but I have been eating poorly lately especially in the last month. Comfort food for the sick maybe. Not a lot of hope for straightening things out until I get back from my trip to San Antonio next week.

Speaking of my trip I started working on my personal session schedule and there are SO many good classes happening at the same time. This convention is huge and this happens all the time, but it seems especially difficult this year. One of my favorite clinicians is going to be there and I know that I will be going to every one of his sessions (except maybe one when my high school choir director is presenting), but there are a lot of other great classes too. I am a nerd who likes to go to the classes. A lot of people go to socialize or explore the exhibit hall, but I go for the sessions. I guess I'm a loner no matter where I go.

In a completely unrelated topic The Fratellis have been in heavy rotation on my iPod (when I'm not listening to podcasts). I first heard them in this Apple iPod commercial. I loved the song the first time I heard it and bought the single. Then I bought the EP. Then I bought the album. I wish I could figure out exactly what it is about their sound that appeals to me, so that I can find some more music to listen to. Usually I'm listening to musicals if I'm not listening to podcats. You can check out two more songs here and here.

Speaking of podcasts I have a new permanent member of the rotation, The Bugle. I found this thanks to Andy Ihnatko and it is now the first podcast I listen to each time I do an update. I love it. I am attracted to funny, intelligent people (one day I hope I'll find one to call my very own).

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