Red Light, Green Light

Onesome: Red-- candles for Valentine's Day? Are you decorating this year? Planning? Scheming? Deferring?

Decorating for Valentine's Day?!? Who does that! Not me. This is my most hated holiday of the year for my poor lonely soul. I'm a very romantic person so it is especially difficult. Thank goodness I'll be busy in San Antonio.

Twosome: Light, Green--? ...or would that be 'teal'? What color is your kitchen area? What color should it be ?

It is apartment beige. I can't even imagine a time when I would actually own my own kitchen, but if ever do I think it will be sunny yellow.

Threesome: Light-- up the place and save energy with these newer CFL/twisty bulbs? Have you tried any yet? How are they working out?

I JUST bought some of those this week to put in my living room lights which are on most of the time. We'll see if they make any difference. I got a very high electricity bill in January, but it isn't because of the lights. Its because the weather was hot, cold, hot, cold and I would switch between A/C and heat and not really pay attention to what I was doing. I'm really paying attention to electricity usage now and I'll be interested to see this month's bill.

How about you? When you're done, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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