MP6: In search of yellow

I'm really enjoying taking the mirror project shots. I think it is because the focus of the photo isn't just me, but the creative reflections. I think that is what I DON'T like about self portraits. The focus is entirely on me and that is just not a subject I'm comfortable with.

MP6: In Search of Yellow

As for the title, I am participating in the February Challenge at This challenge is color theory and we are supposed to take three photos a week focusing on one color. Most people are doing five colors in the month because they counted the first weekend of February as one tiny little week, but I'm only doing four, going from Friday to Friday (ish). I started with yellow and was looking for some more yellow shots downtown thus the title of this photo (with some yellow as a bonus). This week I'm doing red (obvious week for it) and then blue. I'm not sure what I'm going to do as my last color. Leaning towards green right now.

This is my favorite of the yellow series and probably one of my favorite recent photos.

Color Theory - Yellow #2

Lists running through my head

Productive (but not willingly)