Productive (but not willingly)

I watched with some humor the numerous tweets that local super star, Monica aka Cosmopolitician, sent out as it got closer and closer to her big trip. Packing was on her mind yet she kept putting it off until the last night. I watched with confidence that *I* would not fall into that trap since last year I had been packed (as well as having the apartment cleaned) the weekend before my big trip. I mean packing for a 4 day trip to San Antonio is different than packing for a multi-week trip around the world, but still. I just knew that I would use my weekend wisely since it was so luxurious last year to not be packing and cleaning and running around the night before.

So uh, yeah, how did I spend my Saturday? It was spent being extremely, EXTREMELY lazy. My apartment was a disaster, I had dirty laundry piling up, and suddenly didn't feel quite so confident. Fortunately I've done a lot of catching up this morning. I got the apartment close to presentable. I'll be doing laundry until Tuesday night, and I need to go the grocery store Tuesday to leave some stuff for my aunt who stays in the apartment and looks after my kitty, but I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday.

Now I can go out and enjoy this beautiful weather without too much guilt. I'm looking forward to convention.

MP6: In search of yellow

Red Light, Green Light