Lists running through my head

Ack! Still lots to do.

*Finish packing
I wish the weather was going to be stable which would make it much easier to pack. Instead it will be rainy one day, cold the next, cold and rainy the next, sunny the next. The other problem is do I dress for the weather or for the convention center. I'm going to be at the convention center all day so I don't want to be suffering, but I despise with a capital D the cold and don't look forward to walking there in the cold. Luckily I am in the Menger so I can cut through the mall for part of my walk.

*Grocery store
I need to get some things for my aunt while she stays here. I had a list of things in my head but of course I can't remember right now. Hopefully it will come back to me before the end of the day.

*Pack my computer bag
I got to make sure I pack up all my power cords, camera cords, cell phone cords, everything that I am going to need while I am away.

Need to print out hotel confirmations, information for my aunt, a letter for the apartment complex so they know she's here and I'm not, write some bills to put in tomorrow's mail

*Everything else
All the other tiny little details like making sure I take my hotel check and my convention tote. All the things that are rattling around in my brain this morning, but who knows if I'll remember this evening when it matters.

Work is obviously not foremost on my mind. Ready to get this trip on its way.


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