I'm getting old.

Exhibit #1: Co-worker asked me today why I was trying so hard to get out of Houston so quickly (No snarky Houston jokes!). She was wondering if there was an event, class or some other reason I planned to leave so quickly. Yes, there's a reason. I'm old. I remember the days (old people always start sentences that way) when I would roll into San Antonio at 9 pm and not get checked in and into my room until 10 pm and be fine. I can't do that anymore. I got here at 6 pm today and I was TIRED. I was back in my room after registering and eating by 8 pm and didn't go to any social functions like many of the other people are doing tonight. I'll probably be in bed before 10 pm. Sad but true.

Exhibit #2: Cruise Control. I had a conversation once with Greg about cruise control. If I remember correctly (and I'm sure he will pipe up if I am wrong) he said he needed cruise control because his legs bothered him if they were in one position for too long. I had never heard of that and had never experienced that. Well, um, yeah, today I couldn't get that cruise control on fast enough. My leg was bothering me and I needed to move it around. Not that I'm calling Greg old! It's just that things that didn't used to bother me now do.

Exhibit #3: I have to stop now at rest stops. Lame. I'm not sure what it is about driving, but I need to stop after about two hours to use the restroom. Something about the car or sitting or something, because I don't have to go that frequently during the day. And the most damning is when I get out of the car I make that groaning sound that old people because my body is stiff after sitting in one position for a long time. Come to think of it, I make that sound after I've been in one position to long on the sofa too. Sigh. Time marches on.

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