Electronic Weirdness

Last night my wireless signal suddenly dropped out. I can see my cable modem from my sofa and it looked like it had lost the signal. It *was* raining, but wasn't really hard and there wasn't any thunder. I went and tried unplugging it and plugging it back in when I finally figured out that the outlet I was using wasn't working. It was working moments earlier and just stopped. I plugged the power strip into another outlet and got things back up and running.

When I woke up this morning and it looked like my cable modem was completely dead. After moving things around I realized that what I thought was the cable modem plug was the phone plug. The modem was plugged into the other outlet on the wall and THAT one was also not working. Two outlets on one wall simultaneously stop working? How weird is that?

I felt like I had some weird magnetizing force because earlier I couldn't get my cell phone to charger earlier. Oh hey, I wonder if that plug is not working either.

*** Just checked that one too. Out. ***

Weirdness people, weirdness. Calling the apartment this morning. I dream of moving into one of those quirky, unique apartments, garage apartments, residents in town, but I can say one thing about living in a large, corporation apartment complex. They jump to when I need things done.

Recognizing the Problem

Liquid Drops Bandage