Liquid Drops Bandage

Onesome: Liquid-- is falling from the skies this time of year. Be it rain or snow or fog, what's late Winter looking like at your place?

This week it is rainy with highs in the 70s. Then a front will come through to clear the rain out and highs will drop to the mid 60s and quickly move back up to the mid 70s. It's almost March which is pretty much the end of winter here.

Twosome: Drops -- of sweetener? ...or teaspoons of sugar (okay, tablespoons )? What do you use to make iced tea and other drinks acceptable?

I don't drink ice tea, but I do put two cubes of sugar in my hot tea.

Threesome: Bandage-- your owies with a spray or with drops? Have you seen these liquid, no sting, bandage drops yet? Man, I'm thinking these may be ideal to have when you're out and about with kidlets!

I like old fashioned band aids. I know, not terribly exciting.

How about you? When you're done, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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