Want it now

One of the things I got for Christmas was a $30 gift card from Walmart. I haven't been sure what to spend it on because I don't go to Walmart that often. Part of me thinks I should use it on something practical that I need like a new cordless phone or silverware, underwear or jeans. Those things that you eventually *have* to buy, but you don't like spending money on. Part of me thinks I should spend it on something completely impractical like a few new watches (I love watches!) or some earrings.

I've been going back and forth with this debate in my mind about how to use the card when Apple lowered the price of the shuffle. I'm hoping to start a new walking regime next week and I had contemplated the shuffle already and the $49 price WITH a $30 gift card sure made that an attractive proposition. So I decided to get a shuffle and finally remembered to put the card in my purse today. You know what? I went to three different Walmarts and something called Walmart Market Place (I didn't even know that existed!) and I couldn't find any shuffles. All sold out.

I want it NOW. I know that I should be good and wait until they get it in stock again. At some point surely I'll catch them with the shuffles in stock. Of course that means I constantly have to go back and check and that I have to wait. Right now after a long night of driving around Houston I'm ready to say screw it and just go to the Apple Store tomorrow. It isn't like I can't think of a long list of other things I can use the gift card on (see above). I know that is such a symptom of the want it now mentality that is rampant and I feel a little guilty about that, but.... well... I want it now. We'll see how I feel about it in the morning.

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