Nothing Radical. All Methodical.

Hi. It's me again. The one who sets out these marvelous programs for a healthier lifestyle and then never makes it past the 2nd week. Let's try again shall we.

I'm not telling you any details. I know that is opposite of conventional thinking which says to let the peer pressure of announcing to the world keep you in check. I announced in the past before and it didn't help me. Instead I want to keep it to myself and see if I can get my head down and put my nose to the grind stone.

Don't get all crazy in your imaginings. No marathons or anything near the like, just walking. Something structured and very slowly paced. I have a schedule of goals that I want to meet that will finish in August when I head back to school. That's depressing because it seems so long away and thinking about the START of the school year is not what I want to do right now. I could do it faster, but I want to make it a lifestyle change and not something I do for just a short time. Plus I know if I try to cram things I'll give up. Tiny tiny increments is the way to go I think.

Anyway, you know me. Try, try again. Nothing radical. All methodical. Boy does that describe me in four words or what!

Busy, busy, busy

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