MP8: The Parade

Well last week was the first week I missed posting a mirror project photo. Just looking at my previous post you can see why. I hoped to get a reflection shot while I was downtown for the Rodeo Parade and here it is. The parade was about 3/4ths finished before I noticed the reflective glass behind me.

First I tried for a shot from where I was standing on the street, but people kept walking in the way and it was too hard to see me with the light background of the wall. Once I got close to the glass I saw that this metal strip would work a lot better. I wanted to get the horses in the shot and I did it although it took a few shots. People kept walking into my shot and looking right at me. I'm sure they were wondering why I was photographing the building when the parade was going on behind me.

The Parade

I am having so much fun taking these shots. I've reworked the Flickr set that has all of my reflection shots. Take a peek here.

A mess

Busy, busy, busy