Looking Up

Things are looking up this morning (ha ha.. get the picture? looking up?). That is one good thing about me (no, not my sense of humor), things usually don't keep me down for too long. There is one student that is causing me grief at school and an attitude shift on my part helped things go better yesterday. I will have to see how things go in the other class that student is in, but I can't do that until tomorrow because today we have state testing, so no classes for me. And a co-worker just called me to say she is bringing doughnuts. How random and very welcome!

My finger hovered over sending a communication to that former boyfriend. It is probably the closest I've ever come to contacting him, but thankfully I pulled back. It has been a very long time (years) and it is probably just as well to leave things alone.

I was talking with my sounding board last night, wondering how people can possibly implement the phrase "just stop looking for love and it will happen." How can you stop looking? How do you stop being lonely? I seriously have doubts about that phrase, but we came up with some ideas. I need to find some new people to interact with. It will keep me busy and expand my circle of friends, something that is in sore need of expansion. I'm going to stay with the photography angle. I have taken some one-on-one photowalks with some really wonderful people and I am going to try to do more of that.

Broadway Musicals

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