Broadway Musicals


I'm finally done. My Broadway Musicals page took much longer than I expected and there are two reasons. I've seen 52 shows! Yowza that's a lot. Most of them were touring companies that came through Houston (or when I lived in San Antonio) or performances by TUTS although I've seen some stuff on Broadway as well.

Shown above are my four favorite. Two serious dramas, two light comedies.

Les Miserables: It has been number one for a long time. The first time that I saw Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables it was within the same week. Phantom was a big deal to go to and Les Mis was an afterthought. But once it was over, and I was back at my friend's apartment quelling the sobs, that was it. Favorite ever since. Rent is right up there with it. I enjoyed the movie, but nothing is like seeing it performed in person. It is so much more powerful live than on film (of course isn't everything!).

Will Rogers Follies has also been at the very top of my list for a long time. It is pure joy with great music, choreography and costumes. It was one of the first musicals tours that I had seen and while that may be the reason it is at the top, I think it is because it is such a magnificent show. And Spamalot is just about the most perfect evening you can spend. So much fun, so funny, great music, silly, witty, sarcastic, love it. It appeals to my sense of humor.

So visit my Broadway Musicals page, click on some links and enjoy the show.

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Broadway Musicals