New Toys!

My refund was direct deposited last Thursday evening and the money spent less than 12 hours in my checking account. Winging its way around the world as we speak is a new Macbook! I said earlier this week on Twitter that my computer was four years old, but that's not right. It is going to be five years old in July! It is definitely time to get a new machine. Although honestly my little Powerbook 12" is still humming along nicely. But it was one of the last machines that Apple made without USB 2.0 and of course after that they changed the way that iPods interact with computers. This machine is also running on a super fast 867 Mhz. WOW. My new machine will be 2.4 Ghz. I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Yes I do everything on a tiny laptop including editing photos. It isn't ideal, but I can't afford multiple computers and a laptop is so incredibly convenient. I have managed it thus far. I had enough money to get a Macbook Pro and I really wanted that with its nice 15" screen versus the 13" on the Macbook, BUT if I got that computer that is ALL I would have been able to afford. With the Macbook I am also getting Time Capsule, wireless router and 500 GB hard drive back up combined, the Apple Care protection plan which is a must, iWork AND an iPhone (iPhone requires a little from one of my savings account, but that is what that particular account is for). Whoo hoo! I'm almost more excited about the iPhone than the Macbook. A fellow Mac geek described the iPhone as his favorite Mac. That's a pretty amazing statement. I can't wait.

I ordered online because I get an education discount from Apple. It's not a lot off each item, $100 off the computer, $7 off iWork, $66 off of Apple Care and $20 off of Time Capsule, but together it is a savings that combined will allow me to buy Photoshop Elements for my machine. The only problem with online ordering is you have to wait for things to be delivered. The computer is scheduled to arrive Thursday, but I probably won't open it until Friday. I want to take unboxing pictures (if for no other reason so I can remember when I actually got the computer!) and Thursday is going to be a long day. The timing on this couldn't be more perfect actually because I start Spring Break Friday afternoon. I'm going to have all week to play with my new toys.

So what's ahead for other government money? Well with the $600 rebate I'm going to get a new camera lens. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get this Tamron 17-50mm lens. It will replace my most used lens in my arsenal with a better quality lens that has f/2.8 throughout the entire range. That is going to be very useful. In the late summer I should be getting a check from a grant that my school is participating in. I'm not sure how much it will be, but it could be between $700-1000. That money is going towards paying off my credit card. I still have the goal to pay off the card by the end of the year (or if not the whole card get it down to less than $1000).

This is going to be a miserably stressful week with Pre-UIL competition, a concert and end of the grading period all in a few days, but there is a shiny sleek light at the end of the tunnel.

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