Well I'm halfway done with the two stressful events of the week although honestly the one that is finished is a little more stressful than the event this afternoon. I crashed yesterday and when I say crash, I mean crash.

My feet were killing me from being in heels for 12 hours (low heels, but still). I got take out and after I ate I was sitting around contemplating my sore feet when I remembered that I got a foot spa for Christmas a few years ago. I had completely forgotten about it. Oh heaven. Hot water and vibrating massage. I could feel the muscles relaxing all the way up my calves. After I was done I pulled my feet up onto the couch and BAM. Crash. I was out. I usually don't crash that bad, but I was obviously tired. I woke up at 10:30 and stumbled to bed where I went right back to sleep.

Today I have a mini-concert with the sixth graders. After that I'm going to run home and get my computer which ARRIVED A DAY EARLY and is sitting in the leasing office, before heading off to my teacher society meeting. I'll probably come home after that and stare at the box. I told my assistant that I wasn't going to open it until Friday because I wanted unboxing pictures and I would probably be too tired after getting home for my third night in a row at 8 pm, but she thinks that there is no way I can resist. We'll see.

The Macbook and the iPhone

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