The Macbook and the iPhone

So its been almost 24 hours since I began unboxing the Macbook and here I am typing on my new computer. It's been an interesting and at times frustrating 24 hours.

I used to wipe my computer clean every time Apple released a new operating system, which was running about every year and a half. It was a pain, but I liked the idea of starting fresh and reorganizing things and I knew how to do it efficiently. I got lazy when Tiger came out and just went for the upgrade. With the new Macbook I could have had the computer migrate everything over, but I decided to go the fresh and reorganized route. In the end I'm happy I did it, but there were some bumps in the road.

One was getting .Mac to sync the way I needed. Since I rarely use it for syncing I had tweaked the settings and didn't remember until after several failed attempts. But I did finally get it working and it moved over my bookmarks, my email account settings and my contact information.

The other bump in the road was Lightroom. I got my first digital camera when I got the Powerbook so needless to say I was not heavily into photography at the time. I had pictures and folders scattered all over the place in various attempts at organization and going through and reorganizing was a little like an archeological dig. Uncovering the various history of my photographic past. I organized Lightroom the way I wanted but started running into problems with the catalog, getting it to carry over my setting and recognizing my reorganization. Once I finally figured out the problem (the path was making changes on the Powerbook instead of the Macbook) it was too late. I kind of patched together a sort of solution and will go from here. It will be fine. I just may have to reprocess photos if someone suddenly wants to buy one (which I doubt is happening anytime soon). I'm still a little frustrated with that whole process, but in the end the reorganized work flow will be worth it.

The Macbook is definitely different and it will take me some time to get used to it. I don't think I'll ever be as in love with it as I was my 12" G4. It feels more plasticy which makes sense considering it is plastic. I'm not wild about the keyboard compared to the Powerbook, but I'm sure once I get used to typing on it, it will be ok. It is definitely MUCH faster. I notice it the most in start up times for applications. It is running almost immediately after I click on them. Lightroom is quite speedy too AND I can run it with other applications open. I wasn't really supposed to be running Lightroom on my other computer, at least according to the minimum specs, but it was always fine if not a little slow. I look forward to the new speeds which will also be boosted by the imminent arrival of the 802.11n (right now I'm on g). And of course the big difference is that the Macbook is completely paid for where as I had to take a loan for the Powerbook and pay that off over the course of 2 years. Heck, Apple doesn't even offer loans anymore. You have to sign up for some kid of credit card to get a "loan."

The iPhone 24 hours isn't bad for moving my whole digital life over to a new system. I feel a little sad for my Powerbook because it is such a good machine and works so well. I feel like I'm abandoning it. I need to find something useful for it to do. My life has changed so much since I got that machine. It will be interesting to see where I will go with the Macbook.

Now, time for the iPhone.

UPDATE: The iPhone is now up and running. I spent about an hour trying to figure out IMAP. I had one of my Gmail accounts converted and was trying to work with it in Apple Mail, but I finally gave up. It isn't life or death right now and I finally realized that I could actually be learning to use the iPhone instead of sitting there trying to figure out IMAP. I'm sure I'll get frustrated eventually with the repeated email, and when that time comes I'll give IMAP another try, but for now I was happy just to finally get things going. So all the new toys are up and running. At least until Time Capsule shows up.

Back to the computer to try to get used to my new digs.

UPDATE 2: I've converted over to IMAP after all, but it is a little buggy. It is confusing and every one says to do different things which is frustrating. I wish there was one clear definitive way. I'll get my head around it eventually.

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