Spring Break

Spring Break is going to be kind of a low key affair this year I think. Part of me feels like I must get out there and DO SOMETHING for it to be a good break, but I've been slowly coming to the idea that domestic is ok.

You already know what I did on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. In there I also cleaned up my apartment after weeks of talking about it. On Monday I went to the grocery store and then went to a meet-up for the Texas Photo Forum. For the first time in a long time I was nervous about meeting new people, but I went anyway. That is worlds away from where I was just two years ago when I was skipping meet-ups of my very own group. I am very proud of myself and the progress I have made in this area. It gives me hope that I can make similar progress in other areas that I need to work. on. The members of the photo forum are heavily focused on portrait/wedding photography and that isn't really an interest of mine, but they were very friendly and I had a very nice time. I never felt like I had stumbled onto a college frat party and that was great. I will definitely stop by their meet-ups more often. I'll just be the outsider that shoots buildings instead of people.

Today I'm going to the museum to see Lucy. Tomorrow I am going to do some clothes shopping with my Christmas gift cards, stop by Village Table and then have dinner with a friend. Thursday is the only day that I have a big outing planned and that is to go to the Rodeo. I imagine I'll be there for a good number of hours. I don't have anything planned for Friday yet. Saturday I'm heading to the family farm for Easter and I'll be back on Sunday. I thankfully have Monday off and the only thing on the schedule is a meet-up at Opera in the Heights. Somewhere in there I need to buy some new plants for my patio and process pictures.

That may seem like a lot, but there is a lot of sitting around watching TV, playing on the internet time mixed in there. Hopefully a lot of recharging before diving into the final 10 weeks of school.

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