Handwriting Personality Analysis

I spent several hours at the rodeo yesterday. I was there mainly to photograph the carnival, but got there a few hours early to look around at some of the other exhibits. I hope I remember next time that I'm mainly interested in the carnival and that there was no need to get there quite THAT early. I'll recap in greater detail once I get my photos processed, but next to the water massage (oh yes! water massage) was handwriting analysis. There was a big blinky old timey looking machine called the Telvac and I'm sure it is so accurate, but it was only $3 so what the hell.

Let's look at my very high tech personality analysis based on my signature shall we?

You like your friendship to be appreciated. Wow right off the bat, bingo. I could say a lot more here, but I'll just get myself in trouble. Let's just say that people are my friend until they find something better and then quickly discard me and any friendship that we used to have. Whoa.. you know... wasn't gonna be so serious, but hey... the machine brought it up, not me!

You become bored by routine and enjoy the unexpected. I'm not sure about that. I like structure and I'm all about setting up a routine. Routines are my safe zone and make me feel comfortable, BUT I also have realized that every few months I change routines. Shake things up. Maybe it IS from a sense of boredom. Hmm.... interesting point Telvac.

A good chase revs up your romantic motor. Er... no. Wait, am I doing the chasing? I don't have enough self confidence to be the chaser.

You take a practical approach to problems and give attention to details. Man is that an understatement. That sentence is so me it is not even funny. In fact I do that to a little bit of an extreme.

You live by your own standards regardless of custom. I'm not sure if I agree with this. I don't think I'm that unique. I try to follow standards and customs. Fine, you can say it. I'm a conformist.

You set high standards for yourself and attempt to live up to your ideals. This is really close but with a slight variation. I have high standards that I want myself AND other people to live up to. Unfortunately most people fall short including myself.

You enjoy flirting occasionally. See the answer about chasing. Not self confident enough to be a flirter. Now if I know someone is interested in me, then yeah, I am pretty good at the flirting. Or wait, is that the sex talk. Yeah... I guess that isn't flirting huh.

You become depressed if you don't make the progress you planned. I was typing no to this, but then had to think about it. Depressed is a little strong, but yeah when I fall into my funks a lot of the times it is because my life just isn't where I hoped it would be.

Your nature is normally extroverted and happy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... No. I'm definitely not an extrovert. The second half though... I never used to think about myself as a happy person, but in the last year I've had to admit that I'm actually an optimist more than a pessimist. So let's say I'm a lonely optimist.

You are not as innocent as you would like people to believe. No comment.

You have plenty to contribute to any discussion I usually sit back and listen to discussions more than contribute. Well, you can't expect a $3 machine to be perfect.

Your temperament is suitable for competitive occupations. I hate the competitive aspect of my job and it stresses the hell out of me. But I handle it better than other people.

There is also a horoscope reading which actually is pretty good although I have always exhibited the signs of Taurus pretty strongly. So there you have it. Personality analysis by the Telvac handwriting analysis super computer.


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