Do the Pac-man

I love Wil Wheaton, first and foremost because he is a great writer. Then of course because TNG is my favorite of all the Star Trek series and one of my favorite shows. Also because he's a major geek and writes about things that I'm interested in. Finally, we are the same age (I'm three months and 4 days older.... must be why I had such a crush on him) so when he writes a post like this taking a trip down memory lane he takes me right along. The video that got the biggest reaction out of me was for Pacman cereal. ( is entirely possible that I already have the Dungeons and Dragons one as a favorite... :-) ). If you had asked me if I remembered the Pacman cereal commercial from the '80s I would have said no. But as soon as it started playing it was like I could actually feel it wriggling loose in my brain from whatever cubby hole I had stashed it into.


MP11: In the Carousel

Saturday Afternoon